Monday, May 11, 2015

Seth Rollins gets some local press!

Here in Iowa, we pretty much have a single wrestler that ever made it to the big time. (Heck, we count Big E as one of our own because he warmed a bench for the University of Iowa football team for a couple years.) Of course, that person is the current undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion, the focal point of WWE television and an all-around wrestling superstar.

Image via Des Moines Register.

During his recent return to the Quad Cities for a Smackdown taping, the Des Moines Register followed him around for the day. The result was a feature piece that delves into the mindset of a man on the road 250 days of the year. I personally love this quote especially, on why he moved back to Davenport last year: “This is a place where I can go to completely disconnect from the character I play on TV, and I need that. Mentally, that is crucial for my health. You just can't be someone else all the time, you just have to be you sometimes.” It is rare to see a talent talking in that much detail about the ins and outs of the business and his career in it, at least not while they are still active on the roster.

He also gets into a bit about what it means to be a modern televised wrestler.

Overall, it is an exceptional read and a great look into a talent that truly deserves all the attention he currently is receiving. Read it here.

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