Wednesday, May 13, 2015

SCW Revival preview

This Friday night I will be heading back to the Walcott Coliseum to take in my second SCW show. Revival only has a few matches set, but it looks like it has quite a good card lined up with the announced matches.

The main event features midwest sensation Shane Hollister challenge Nevin Knoxville for the SCW title. Shane never lost the title, instead stepping down due to injury and this will be his chance to rest it away from Nevin and the forces of Mark Storm’s Fallen Angel Army. Knoxville is a big, imposing guy and hopefully Shane will pull a better match than we got with Knoxville’s petty victory over Marek Brave last show.

Speaking of the Fallen Angel Army and Marek Brave, Brave’s own students turned their back on Marek in their debut to align with Storm. With the betrayal of his second five graduates, Brave now faces the challenge of his next step against Storm and the turncoats. His previous students Connor Braxton and Eli Machete, the SCW tag champs, seem likely allies, but have yet to be announced for the show on Friday. Could they make an appearance to help their teacher for a three on five battle at Revival? Or will Brave face down his five new foes alone?

Krotch and Bucky Collins appear to also still be at odds with Mark Storm’s legion, as they face down two of their opponents from last month: Tank Roberts and Johnny Wisdom. This one will not only continue the blood feud, but may also have implications for tag team contendership in the future.

In lower card action, Mallaki Matthews will take on J.J. Garrett. I do not know either star outside their showings at last month’s show, but they both looked good in their matches. It should be interesting to see them against each other on Friday.

Also, in opening action, the QC Cup will be defended by Bobby Dahl as he defends against Tyler Priegel. I haven’t seen enough of these two to make an opinion known on them, but I look forward to seeing where this one goes.

Latin Thunder will also be in action as will (I assume) Bodie Van Zandt and the rest of the second Black & Brave class. No word on other talents in action, but Matt Cage and Christian Rose both make regular appearances (though may be on another card on this packed weekend) and I personally hope that Harvey Bower will be in action after his impressive showing last month.

If you are in the Eastern Iowa or Western Illinois (or even southern Wisconsin) area, I highly recommend making the drive out to what promises to be a great show. With admission at only $8, it promises to be another great night filled with some excellent wrestling action!

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