Friday, May 22, 2015

It's time to give the Divas a chance

#GiveDivasAChance trended on Twitter a few months back and with it came an increased attention on how WWE treats the women of its roster. WWE accepted the message with a promise that things would change, but in the months since that time, little has. Admittedly, the women of WWE are treated as athletes far more now than ever before and often get more than five minutes at most pay-per-views. But we all know WWE could do better. And I am here to help with that. They have a simple solution to up the level of attention played to the WWE Divas and they can do it at their very next pay-per-view. That one big first step can come in the form of this:

The massive structure that is the Elimination Chamber will be used for both an Intercontinental and a Tag Team title defense, but if you really want to show the value of your Divas, let them have their own twenty minutes inside the steel. While a three way match between Naomi, Nikki Bella and Paige is already set for the upcoming show, WWE could easily implement the change between now and next Sunday. A simple angle with the involvement of the three women alongside Brie Bella and Tamina instantly can set up five women for the match. Involve Natalya or NXT standouts Charlotte and Sasha Banks to round out the card. Suddenly you have six solid female wrestlers in a battle over their prize.

It’s a simple equation: if you want the women of WWE treated by the fanbase as more than eye candy, you have to book them as more than just that. Letting the Divas show up for a brutal battle inside the most foreboding structure in wrestling history seems the simplest of solutions. With only five matches announced for the card, they should have plenty of time to fit it in.

If you like my suggestion, let WWE know with a tweet of #GiveDivasAChance in the #EliminationChamber" and this link. Or just click on this link to populate the message directly in your Twitter account.

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