Friday, May 8, 2015

Global Force Wrestling gets a roster!

After over a year of nebulous promises and only a replay of a stupendous Japanese wrestling event to their credit, Global Force Wrestling has finally moved one step closer to becoming a real entity. On Wednesday, they finally announced the first ten names on their roster, as well as revealing Chael Sonnen will be their color commentator.

Now you can bounce all over the internet for opinions on how good the ten talents announced are, but I honestly think they have built a very solid start from the independent talents currently available to them for use. While it does rely heavily on the gaijin side of New Japan Pro Wrestling, GFW's healthy relation with New Japan should cause little trouble there.

Here is a few thoughts on the announcements:

Chris "The Adonis" Mordetzky and “Darewolf” PJ Black (formerly Justin Gabriel) are two solid former WWE stars that both have shown they were more than what WWE ever gave them. With very different styles in the ring, these two men could set the standard for the singles wrestling style of GFW.

Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows will represent the Bullet Club in GFW, but I am sure if Jarrett gets this way they would not be alone. A very solid heavyweight tag team, they have tons of upside, and can really be introduced to American audiences in a new way. Certainly having AJ Styles or the Young Bucks would help their credibility as a unit, but the Bullet Club could be a very dominant heel unit in the US soon as well.

Davey Boy Smith Jr and Lance Archer, a.k.a. The Killer Elite Squad, have their own NJPW pedigree, but they may actually have even more of an upside to Anderson and Gallows. The KES is already heating up the Texas area and with work in New Japan and NOAH right now, they might be awfully busy for too much GFW work, but they will bring a dominating style to Global Force.

Seiya Sanada is probably the least surprising announcement as the recently departed TNA star announced he would remain in the US with an unnamed promotion just a few days ago. But Sanada will now have the chance to show why he wowed fans last year in TNA before stupid gimmicks and some horrible time under James Storm derailed his run completely. Just the chance to see Sanada versus Black should sell at least one of the TV episodes on GFW's slate.

Moose was under contract to Ring of Honor, but that may not be the case as he moves to GFW. He is still green, but his style shows he has a great upside. He has the same mix of power and speed that made Uhaa Nation such a great signing for NXT, although he will need to work harder to get to Uhaa's level in the ring. All of that said, Moose could very well be a major force for GFW's growth the way AJ Styles was for TNA.

Thea Trinidad and Lei D'Tapa both have TNA pedigrees, but they were both critically underused there, so it is anyone’s guess what they can bring to the GFW roster. Hopefully, more announcements will bring a larger women's roster to GFW, as with a few choice signings they could easily change the shape of women's wrestling in the United States today.

Personally, I think these are a solid ten folks that will help brand GFW as a great mixture of underutilized talent and future superstars of wrestling. Now the question remains whether or not they will be able to show it on any major scale. While TV tapings have been announced, no television partner has been, so these could be ten great talents with nowhere to show their skills.

That being said, with Toby Keith helping fund GFW, they could have inroads in places new to the wrestling business. Could CMT be in the future for Global Force?

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