Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Welcome to the Wrestling Weekday

This site has been a long time coming. For years, I have offered occasional commentary on wrestling on sites from the Examiner to my own personal blogs. But as this year has progressed and I am drawn more and more back into the sport of kings through WWE pay-per-views, NXT, various indies and Lucha Underground, I have decided it is finally time to launch a site focused specifically on wrestling. Through the power of blogspot, that day is today. After years of posting "Wrestling Wednesday" articles, welcome to the first installment of The Wrestling Weekday.

A little bit about myself before we get started:

My name is Nicholas Ahlhelm. I am a writer and editor based out of Iowa. I publish a whole bunch of super powered and action adventure fiction. I am a charter member of the Pen & Cape Society, a group dedicated to the expansion of super powered fiction. But while my love for comics has grown into a love for prose, I also have watched wrestling for years. I have formed a lot of opinions on wrestling over that time. And as a writer, I naturally have the inkling to share some of those thoughts.

This blog will bounce around the map of professional wrestling. I will review events, give commentary on news both good and bad and share great content from other sites or Youtube. This will not however will not be weekly coverage of any WWE or TNA product. You can find that kind of thing at most wrestling sites and I endeavor to do more than just talk about episodic wrestling television, its plusses or its minuses.

So welcome to the site. You can expect to see new content pretty much every weekday here, but I cannot promise we won't have a skip day now and then.

Thanks for coming, folks. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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