Thursday, April 30, 2015

Resistance Pro presents Animals

Billy Corgan joining the writing and production staff of TNA made headlines early in the week, but independent wrestling fans know this isn’t the Smashing Pumpkins first foray into professional wrestling. He is also the oriinal money behind Resistance Pro wrestling, a Chicago-based independent promotion that bills itself as continuing the rebel spirit of the original ECW. It is definitely a promotion that does things its own way, with a unique roster and a bunch of hungry stars ready to shine, even if Corgan is no longer directly involved.

They also want to draw interest in their shows and with that in mind, they presented their January event Animals in full on Youtube.

Go have a look at some great independent wrestling action featuring the likes of Marshe Rockett, Crazy Mary Dobson, Acid Jaz, Shane Mercer and more. And while this isn’ the company’s most star-studded event, it was well worth the low admission price of free. Heck, any time you can watch Da Soul Touchaz either independently or as a group, I highly recommend it.

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